Ladies Private Members Club

We are pack animals, part of tribes, groups and we need human contact to thrive, no we need it just to survive.

Technology is great but it needs put back in it’s place.  We sit next to people but we’ve never been further away. Our Founder wants to offer you the chance to change your life.  And it will change!

Join our Private Members club, have new experiences in a vibrant and friendly atmosphere, meet new friends, laugh, network, unwind, learn new skills, be inspired and achieve personal goals!

We celebrate women, we celebrate YOU!


Something to start your day with a smile! 😄
Gorgeous. Sexy. Intelligent. Driven. Fun. So sad at her passing. My absolute hero! RIP fabulous Lady! 😢
EASTER - Dig out your best clobber, do your hair and make up, paint your nails and CELEBRATE!! Easter means different things to different people - Spring, New Life, A Risen Christ, Better Weather, Chocolate, Colours... whatever it is there's plenty to be thankful for. Plus you'll feel great! So, get dressed up in your Sunday best and post a picture. 
The brighter the better!
Tried out makeup colours I don’t normally wear and a vintage feel hairdo. A bit OTT for staying in??