Ladies Private Members Club

We are pack animals, part of tribes, groups and we need human contact to thrive, no we need it just to survive.

Technology is great but it needs put back in it’s place.  We sit next to people but we’ve never been further away. Our Founder wants to offer you the chance to change your life.  And it will change!

Join our Private Members club, have new experiences in a vibrant and friendly atmosphere, meet new friends, laugh, network, unwind, learn new skills, be inspired and achieve personal goals!

We celebrate women, we celebrate YOU!


The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation Decision made!! I'm DOING this! (link in bio)
A day to celebrate the end of a war. A day to remember all those who died. A day to be grateful for all the sacrifices made. A day to marvel in the determination of people’s will. A day to look at previous generations’ strength and know that our current trials are indeed surmountable.
Enjoying a cheeky little Ruchsian Negroni Cocktail in the Sunshine! #lovinglockdown #sunshine #scottishladiesclub #primaldivas
We all need a lift! To smile! To know there are good things happening in this World! Share your Good News and help cheer us up! Tiny or Huge news. We want to hear it all! Help us all smile. x
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