This should really be renamed “About YOU”.

After all, our club is lead by our members wants and desires.

Here’s what it’s all about.

Our founder felt stuck – early 40’s, a bit overweight, bored on life’s treadmill, Groundhog Day of loading dishwasher, washing on, tidy up, go to work, food shop, sleep (Ha! I wish!), repeat.

She was living a life that NOT AT ALL reflected her skills, passion and energy.

She felt boxed in and was constantly thinking “There’s got to be more to life than this crap”.

So, she quit her safe job, took on a more ‘meaningful, worthwhile job’ (which has loads of ups but a great many challenges too!) Life and work meant less time for friends and one by one they lost touch.

A few years on, struggling a bit, she realised that living life through Facebook and Instagram etc was harming her mental health and how she saw herself. Life there isn’t real but still she compared her life / body / happiness level to the shiny, happy (false) people online.


It's all about YOU!

You’ll have a tribe to belong to, people who have your back, who’ll support and encourage you every damn minute!

You’ll try and succeed in things you’ve never dreamed you’d manage to do.

You’ll be scared but you’ll grow in confidence.

You’re welcomed to two Knot Meetings a month (the Knot Meetings ‘tie’ us together and its “not” like a stuffy meeting).

You’ll learn new things.

Have new experiences.

Or you can sit quietly in luxurious surroundings and just talk, connect with like-minded people.


Seize the day!

Tick things you’ve ALWAYS wanted to do off your Bucket List.  (Sky dive, better make-up skills, pole dance, milk a cow, car maintenance, dance a sexy salsa with a swarthy stranger….. whatever you want!!  You tell us.)

You’ll have everything well organised for you!  We do the thinking so you don’t have to.  We organise everything so well that you can just turn up, relax and enjoy.

Reduced Ticket prices for events, membership pin, personalised cards, discounted shopping,……

BUT more importantly, you’ll have a place where you belong, where you’ll laugh, cry and live life.  It’s time to Carpe the HELL out of that Diem!