The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation Decision made!! I'm DOING this! (link in bio)
A day to celebrate the end of a war. A day to remember all those who died. A day to be grateful for all the sacrifices made. A day to marvel in the determination of people’s will. A day to look at previous generations’ strength and know that our current trials are indeed surmountable.
Enjoying a cheeky little Ruchsian Negroni Cocktail in the Sunshine! #lovinglockdown #sunshine #scottishladiesclub #primaldivas
We all need a lift! To smile! To know there are good things happening in this World! Share your Good News and help cheer us up! Tiny or Huge news. We want to hear it all! Help us all smile. x
from zero49 x
Oh hell...
Happy Monday 49ers! 💋
Me getting out of the car for our first Knot Meeting after lockdown!! 😉
🤣😂🤣😂 So true!
What a bargain!!! 30% off!! 🤣😂🤣
Oh hell yeah!! 😂
Got my ass out the door for a run. Really enjoyed that!!
Something to start your day with a smile! 😄
Gorgeous. Sexy. Intelligent. Driven. Fun. So sad at her passing. My absolute hero! RIP fabulous Lady! 😢
EASTER - Dig out your best clobber, do your hair and make up, paint your nails and CELEBRATE!! Easter means different things to different people - Spring, New Life, A Risen Christ, Better Weather, Chocolate, Colours... whatever it is there's plenty to be thankful for. Plus you'll feel great! So, get dressed up in your Sunday best and post a picture. 
The brighter the better!
Tried out makeup colours I don’t normally wear and a vintage feel hairdo. A bit OTT for staying in??
Hang in there zero49ers! You’re doing great!!
Some embroidery I did yesterday to go on shopping bags. 🧵 Tartan or Pattern fabric for the bags?
Be a Brain... not a Pinky! ( and yes you are showing your age 😉) Have a good day everyone x
This a CRUCIAL weekend in stopping the spread of this fecking virus!! STAY HOME
Heee heee!!
Ya gotta pass the time somehow!!! 😉 #entertaining
Finished my colouring in. #keepingbusy
Hee hee!!!!
Happy “I’m Alive!” Day! Many years ago today, I had a really bad car crash so I celebrate the fact that I’m alive and life is good! Yes, there are lots of challenges around but we’re alive, our family and friends still have us and should make the utmost of that! Have a SUPERB day, zero49ers! ❤️
I feel like Rachel - I should be going “shoop, shoop” but I’m not. Sending love to those going through MUCH worse. Please cheer me up by joining our new, fab, fun, FREE website at ❤️ Keep safe Lovely people x
The best way to get rid of fear is to think of and care for others. If everyone put everyone else first then EVERYONE would be cared for. ❤️ WE DO at
Travel to Norway tomorrow or Not?? 😕
Russo posing in her new Scooby Doo bandana! Too cute! 🥰
Lovely nail treat for Norway trip this weekend ✈️
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❤️ HUGE Thank You to everyone who came to the launch yesterday! Join for free here!
HELP! 💋Which shoes for zero49 Launch!!???
❤️**TODAY’S THE DAY!!!***❤️ The official Launch of!!! SO excited!!! THIS is going to change lives!! 🥳
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THIS is what zero49 is all about! A gorgeous lady gave me this today for our Launch on Sunday! ❤️ Support, Time, Laughs... we need each other. It’s just made my day!! Thank you DM x
🔥Gym Done 🔥 Body worked & Brain firing on all cylinders!
Any tips to make it POP??? 💋
***Get your tickets now!!***.
zero49 ADORES Versace’s signature slashed look for FW20! The width of the drop shoulder / sleeve INSTANTLY narrows the waist. Not that #gigihadid needs any help!
Either One has a Royal following ... or his account has been hacked / cloned! 👑🤣